Prices mentioned inclusive and exclusive btw.

Beverage buyout


Bevereage buyout arrangement starting from 40 persons.
In combination with bbq or dinner sarting from 20 persons.

Extra hour 6,20 / ex btw 5,50

Beer: Heineken on tap, Radler, 0% beers.
White wines: Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Pinot Grigio.
Red wines: Merlot and Tempranillo. Rosé wine: Grenache.
Soft drinks, fresh orange juice and all hot drinks.

EXTENSIVE RANGE 3 HOURS 24,50 / ex 21,90
Extra hour 8,40 / ex 7,50

Limited assortment supplemented with:
um, wodka, gin, malibu, safari, all liqours and blended whisky.
Prosseco, Aperol Spritz and Hugo Spritz

TAP SPECIAL BEERS 3 HOURS 7.50 / ex btw 6,70
Fun option! Additional price for expancsion buyout with tap special beers.
Wiekse white, Affligem blond en Beer of the moment
Extra hour 2.50 / ex 2.-

Counting drinks

You can choose to only serve a limited assortment.
Prices on subsequent calculation as stated on our menu.
This can also be done in combination with beverage buyout.
Fro example, from 18.00 to 21.00 buyout, everything before and after is counted.

Consumption coins

1 COIN  1,40  / ex btw 1,25

Decide how many coins you want and hand them out to your guests.
Coins run out? Guests can also pay for their drink themselves.
Coins that are left can be returned.
2 tokens for Heineken draft beer, 0% beers, soft drinks, fresh orange, all hot drinks
3 coins for wine, bubbles, special beers
4 coins for mixes, longnecks

Welcome drinks

NicNice as a welcome or as a toast moment.
Guests can choose with or without alcohol.
Tropical cocktail   4,50 / ex 3,70
Spritz bubbles cocktail, prosseco with fruit and liqours   4,50 / ex 3,70
Prosseco or Cava festive bubbles in flute glass   4,00 / ex 3,30

Shake your own cocktailparty

Per person inclusive cocktail 21,50 / ex 17,80 

Learn to make your own favorite cocktail.
Introduction to the origin of the cocktail and explanation of all techniques.
Get started yourself and then enjoy your own cocktail.
Staring from 15 persons. 10-15 persons 24,50 p.p.

Also nice as a cocktail bar during your party or company outing.
Guests can order a cocktail or make it themselves after a short explanation.
Indicate the maximum number of cocktails yourself. Minimum of 40 pieces
Price for this variant is 9,50 / ex 7,80 per cocktail.