Starting from 20 personen otherwise  just from the menu
Prices are mentioned inclusive and exlusive btw


one round is 2 pieces p.p.
Hot bites  per round 1.20 / ex 1.10
Oma Bobs bitterballs, cheese sticks, chicken bites, crispy shrimps, veggie springroll.

Tapas bites  per round 2.- / ex 1.80
Smoked salmon, calamaris, goat cheese croquettes, albóndigas with tomato sauce, shrimps

Cold bites  per round 1.20 / ex 1.10
Spanish ham, oude cheese, nuts, farmer cheese, spicy sausages, olives

Minicroquettes  per round 2.- / ex 1.80
Mushroom croquettes, vegetables croquettes, goat cheese croquettes

Vegetable snacks  per round 1.20 / ex 1.10
Diverse raw vegetables, hummus, tortillachips, salsadip

Bites on the table

Mixed nuts and salty bites  p.p. 0.60 / ex 0.55
In bowls on the table

Olives p.p. 1.50 / ex 1.40
Two sorts of olives in bowls on the table

Fresh bread with dip p.p. 1.50 / ex 1.45
Board with freshly baked bread, hummus and aioli

Tapasboard p.p. 3.- / ex 2.75
Focaccia Bread, hummus, mackerel salad, goat cheese with mango chutney, serrano ham,
calamaris, crispy shrimps, mushroom croquettes, albóndigas beef with tomato sauce

Tapasboard Fish p.p. 3.50 / ex 3.20
Focaccia bread, marinated shrimps, smoked salmon, mackerel salad,
seared fresh tuna with sesame, calamaris

Tapasboard Vegetarian p.p. 3.- / ex 2.75
Focaccia Bread, buffalo mozzarella with tomato, goat cheese with mango chutney,
hummus, grilled vegetables

LUXE bites

Bites on skewers per piece 2.50 / ex 2.30
Salmon fillet, lime skewer, marinated chicken skewer, marinated shrimp,
serrano ham roll, wrap with carpaccio and truffle mayonnaise, cherry tomato with mozzarella
Minimum of 80 pieces

Sashimi and sushi per piece 2.- / ex 1,90
Super fresh Japanese pampering.
Luxe sushi in the variations Soft Shell, uramaki, maki, nigiri, Flamed Salmon, sashimi.
Festively presented
Minimum of  100 pieces

Oysterman per oyster 3.10 / ex 2.85
Price depends on season and sort oysters.
Oysterman walks among your guests and opnes them live.
Minimum of  80 oysters.

ALSO nice…..

Pointbag fries  p.p. 2.90 / ex 2.65
With mayonnaise or ketchup

Herring per piece starting from 2.20 / ex 2.10
Nice to bite straight from the hand or in pieces on a plate
With onions ofcourse, price depending on the season

Sweet treats p.p. 2.- / ex 1.85
Round of  small sweet treats. 1 piece p.p.
Vanille muffin, cheesecake, almond cookie, choco pie

Big pie with logo or theme p.p. 2.70 / ex 2.50
We also make tasty, big and beautiful pies with a theme or logo.
You cut, we’ll do the rest. Great moment for a speech.
We also make muffins with logos or text.

BBQ bites buffet p.p. 9.90 / ex 9.10
Cook grills for you on a charcoal barbecue.
2 large prawns with lime and sea salt.
2 pieces of free-range marinated chicken satay and peanut sauce.
Freshly baked bread and ailoli.
Pasta salad with grilled vegetables and pesto.
(Bites buffet is not a complete meal)

Tapas bites buffet p.p. 12.50 / ex 11.90
Tasty little mediterranean bites. Starting from 40 persons.
Gazpacho andulusia
Smoked salmon with mozzarella
Zucchini rolls with goat cheese
Albóndigas made from minced beef
Spanish burger with sun-dried tomato
Salmon fillet skewers with lime
Focaccia bread with hummus, aioli and mackerel salad
Tortilla omelette with vegetables